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2020 Arcona 435

EUR  497 137*
Annapolis, Maryland
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Arcona 435Z Electric Sailboat

Vuosi :
Yksimoottorinen / Muu
Annapolis, MD
Nykyinen hinta:
US$ 599 000 (EUR  497 137) 

The Arcona 435, the European Yacht of the Year for Performance Cruisers was made for those sailors who want to race one weekend and without any changeover equipment go out for a luxurious cruise with the family the next. 

That sounds cliche. That sounds like what every yacht aspires to and what every broker says about a  boat.

The Arcona 435 actually delivers on this promise and that is why it won the European Yacht of the Year.

This new Arcona 435 is actually an Arcona 435Z (zero emission) with an electric motor.  It has the very first production unit worldwide of Oceanvolt's award winning servoprop system - the same system Alex Thomson racing has been prototyping. 

Our Arcona 435Z, based in Annapolis, was brought over to display at US boat shows.  And, as every sailors know, they mostly got cancelled in 2020.  It is an undiscovered gem that will not be unknown for long as American sailors learn how the Arcona 435Z exemplifies the luxury and speed you would expect from a top-end Swedish boatyard embodied in a sailboat that won European Yacht of the Year.

Combine this with the very first production unit of Oceanvolt's award-winning 15kW Servoprop electric propulsion system that eliminates the diesel engine and all of its noise, fumes, maintenance and weight and the Arcona 435Z is truly a sailboat that is a paradigm shift in what we expect from a sailboat.

For example, the Oceanvolt Servoprop system with a feathered propeller whose blade angles are automatically adjusted for forward and reverse propulsion, low drag and hydroregeneration will generate up to 1 kW of energy per hour back into the battery bank when sailing at 8 knots when placed in hydroregeneration mode. And, the Oceanvolt system including the battery bank weighs 25% less than a diesel engine and that is even before one considers the weight of the fuel in the fuel tank.

Green Yachts has brought the first Arcona 435 to North America.   tOur Arcona 435Z is also equipped with a Silicone-based, slippery bottom-paint that lasts 3-5 years and is 8% faster through the water than most ablative paints and does not sluff hard metal pollution into our ocean waters. In the past, many sailors saw going green as requiring one to compromise or sacrifice performance.

The Arcona 435Z gives sailors a competitive advantage over other sailboats because of its advacned green technology giving whoever owns it a faster, lighter, more enjoyable and easier to maintain sailboat that helps protect our oceans and coastal waters we all want to protect and enjoy.   

For more information or to see the Arcona 435Z, please contact us!


Pricing starts at $599,000 including east coast USA delivery, 15kW Oceanvolt servoprop electric motor with feathered propeller, X Carbon sails, a Gennaker, bowthruster, windlass and more.

Length 43' 0"

Beam 13' 1"
Draft 6' 6" / 7' 6" / 8' 6"
Displacement 19,621 pounds
Ballast 7,495
Boat Mast height 68' 11"
I 58' 4"
E 19' 7"
J 16' 6"
P 56' 5"
Water tank 79 gallons
Propulsion OceanVolt 15kW ServoProp
Battery capacity 30 kW

Green Yachts began in 2019 and is dedicated to supporting the electric boating community on the water by selling, servicing, and advocating electric powered sailboats, motorboats and related products for solar/electric regeneration, conversion as well as eco-friendly bottom paint, etc.

Graham Balch

(415) 755-5858

Please contact Graham Balch at 415-755-5858

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